We want to make a difference

the mission

We believe the world of gaming will become even more important part of our life than it is today – in the future. Our mission is to create immersive, AI enhanced and human cured environments in which you will be able not only to have a fun, but also learn and develop real-world skills. We think that simulated environments will offer things that are beyond comprehension at the moment for many, but will be vital to speed up the world progress and understanding the core of ourselves (our own consciousness). Let’s begin the evolution!


future and present

Coming 2024

You have arisen in the world of dragons from ashes. Nobody knows why you are here, nobody said there is a reason at all. Despite of many other people saying you: don’t try, don’t bother, you choose to challange your inner-feeling that is saying otherwise: there is some bigger sense to all of that.


New and unique place created by the enormous power. You’re standing in front of your destiny. As a trainer, teach your pokemons how to fight, capture new species of creatures, form your own guild and lead your friends to fight. Explore our amazing world and in the end, find your life purpose.


You had no choice, you’ve been thrown into the vortex of survival despite your will. Improve your skills by exhausting training, make allies who will help you to go through the wartimes. Find our the wisdom of the warlocks by learning new spells. Kill enemies and collect the loot.

You couldn't get in better hands

Our Team

Jakub Czupryna


A physicist by education and a software engineer at heart. Living in Silicon Valley, California since 2017. Team lead in numerous start-ups, software developer lead at Facebook, T-Mobile and Gamesys. Passionate about quantum physics and AI. Dreaming of creating an immersive, self-sustaining AR world someday.

Piotr Nowak


Quality Assurance specialist with the goal to automate everything, automation and robotics master by education. RPG games freak with countless hours spent on exploring and creating fictional worlds. When there is no electricity – cooking is his thing.

Adam Czupryna


Experienced software and electronics engineer. 3D printing freak, a father of two, born and bread in Poland. Worked for Intel, Gamesys, Khronos and Facebook, a physicist by education. Enthusiast of finding simple solutions for the complex systems.

Krystian Karankiewicz


The beginning of Krystian’s cooperation with Ronit dates back to 2014. Hired as a map designer. After years of cooperation, his responsibilities in the projects\ have shifted towards more generic game designing. Map designer, graphic artist, plot and gameplay systems designer.

Marcin Pikus


3D Tibia project starter, Unity Developer with a touch for aesthetics.

Bartosz MigaƂa


Cooperates with Ronit since 2014, a player at heart, composing maps, quests and plots for our various games.